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Speed Benching

I am not following Simmons principles, nor do I workout powerlifting style- just regular low-mid volume on the basic movemenents, with a little assistance exercises thrown in for abs, calves etc.
I am wondering if there would be any benefit of adding “speed benching” at very sub maximal loads( suggested by simmons: 8 sets of 3, 45 s between sets, 60% of shirtless 1RM) to my workouts, 3 days a week?
You see, im pretty obsessed by increasing my bench poundage( yes, I know its sad…) and I wonder if this would be a good idead, or to taxing for the natural trainers body?

why three days a week? do it once per week. it will help if its part of a balanced and sensible program.

I agree with pete. Three days a week benching is too much if you plan on doing for more than two weeks, and there you won’t get the benifit anyway. If you do it Simmon’s style, which I do, you bench will go up. I have been doing Westsides workouts and my bench as gone up substantially. You should definetly look into their methods if strength is your obsession.

speed training is b.s ,how the hell can you measure speed if you can’t measure distance.seriously!

what are you talking about? why do you have to measure distance to press quickly?

wojo… Why is speed benching B.S? Do some reading before point blank refusing something and give a reason. Lots of athletes do speed work to increase power, practice recruiting large amounts of muscle fibres simultaneously etc… And what has distance got to do with it? As long as there is movement you can measure speed at any given point in time.

Should I speed bench, after my regular bench workout, or before?

speed bench first. you want to do it with fresh neural and muscular systems. it can be very demanding if you do it right. you can go heaveier after. or, many people keep the whole speed day light.

speed benching .HA! anyone can use momentum to lift something which is what happens when you use speed benching.lets see you really challenge yourself and muscle it up or fuck with the tempo.or be really ballsy and use something that works ,partials!“what does distance have to do with speed”? not even going to bother on that one

Wojo, how many athletes have you trained that bench over 550 lbs? Here’s Louie Simmons stats on guys he’s trained: “Louie’s methods of training have resulted in twenty-seven (27) 550 lb benchers, twelve (12) 600 lb benchers, and four (4) 700 lb benchers.” This info comes straight from the Westside Barbell website.

I think we all agree wojo is a fucking idiot. wojo are you thinking of power=force x DISTANCE. And no, its not like we are saying lift is at a certain MPH here. Its just saying lift the fucker as fast as you can. Also, if you pause or bring it down slow you won’t or don’t have to use momentum. Why don’t you take your “knowledge” to the Westside boys and see what they think.

momentum, speed, and power are important in the real world. ever try to hit someone with a 3-2-3 tempo? ever see two rugby players clash at a 3-2-3 tempo? sumo wrestler? olympic lifting, powerlifting, and most sports require explosive power and they train accordingly. that’s what speed benching if for. unless your goal is too stand on a stage in a g-string, i think explosive training, more than just speed benching, should be a part of everyone’s training program.

i still don’t understand what distance has to do with explosive training? no matter what the distance is, the goal is to lift it explosively. someone with longer arms has a longer distance to go, but that doesn’t mean he can’t train explosively.

wow , you got me i really am a “fuckin idiot” 27 benchers over 500 and 12 over 600 , out of 1000’s .thats impressive .by the way have you ever met any competitive PLs i have: j.m blakely . know what the major factor between them and us GENETICS, boy!they can get away with training however they want .

gee, wojo does NOT say what you want to hear so he is an idiot WHY??? tell me WHY??? why in the world would “speed” benching help, don’t just tell me “louie (the hypocrite) and his people do it” but tell me WHY and what SCIENCE is behind it!!! don’t get all pissy but think and tell me WHY you think it would help ( 'cause it will NOT and there is NO science behind it). if you can show me HOW it is good PLEASE DO (but you can NOT) peace

Hetyeytroll225- You’re right there’s no science behind it (except all that Russian stuff you’ve never bothered to read about in Tate’s articles); therefore it cannot work. But wait. It does. How much do you bench anyway, fat bartender?

I was sent here to read this from a buddy of mine. I do not want to go into detail on the why’s of speed benching. I have already done that in several articles, and really don’t have the time. You can find all the information you need at our web site. But in brief it is about the rate of force. If you tried to test your vertical jump and started slowly, how high would you get? Now what if you jumped as fast with more speed? The other comment that needs to be expaned on is the number of lifters we have that bench over 500, 600 etc. The comment was made “out of thousands”. I have been with Westside Barbell for 13 years, and we have never had more than 20 to 30 members at a time. Over the 13 years there has been no more than 100 members, over the history of the club it is probably less than 200 total. Westside is not a commerical gym, but private one. We only count those lifts done by members in the gym! Not those who train outside the gym. (if we did the numbers would be much higher).

As a side not 99% of the members were born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. We do not recruit our lifters, we create them. Genetics do play a role in any sport but I find it funny that Columbus Ohio, more specifically, the west side of Columbus seems to have more genetic gifted lifters than anywhere else in the world. (If you want the proof of this, go to westside-barbell.com, look up any lifter on the gym lists, go to the phone dirrectory and see where they live). I take great pride in the lifters at Westside and those who make our lists. I don’t mind the critics, but please get the fact straight before you start making statements about the members of our gym. If you don’t like how we train, then don’t do it, if you have a better way, then stick to it.

All Louie and I try to do is share with others what we have seen work for everyone who has come in the gym. If your way is better and producing better results, then please share it with the rest of the world and put it to the test. We are all after the same goal. To get as strong as we can.

See you on the platform


Why is Hetyey a fucking idiot? WHY?!! WHY!!! Show me the SCIENCE on why you post such useless things!!! There is none, your just a damn idiot who likes to scream for things on the forum. Why ask for proof when you would not except it!!! WHY!!! If it’s not a Mentzer article from 1985 you won’t accept it, so why bother. Is wojo an idiot? Yes YES!!! Here’s the science, Beer brain. Distance has nothing to do with speed. Speed has to do with distance (s=d/t). Like I said in another post, I wouldn’t accuse you of having a 10th grade education, and this proves it. This just proves it. The SCIENCE of speed benching has been given in other articles. Look them up, if you could read, you idiotic forum troll. I can’t wait to see you in the lord of the rings this december.

Speed benching works. Listen to Dave. I’ve never made as quick strength gains as when I trained with Westside priciples. My gains were greater in 4 months than literally years the traditional ways, including HIT. Read everything that Louie has out, try it and then see. Get the videotapes or take a seminar from Dave(excellent value and teaching. The seminar will help you greatly with form). There is a great deal of science in the principal. I’m not going to type it all out for someone that is to lazy to look it up on their own.

To quote wojo: “wow , you got me i really am a “fuckin idiot” 27 benchers over 500 and 12 over 600 , out of 1000’s .thats impressive” It really was uncalled for someone to call you a “fucking idiot”, wojo. Actually, not uncalled for, but unecessary. For you to attempt in vain to put on display your vast knowledge of powerlifting and then shit on Westside Barbell in the same thread clearly proves their point.

I could blame the low carbs, but I’m a fucking tool also. I phrased it wrong. Distance divided by time equals speed, that’s what distance has to do with it. You do not need speed to measure distance.