speed benches.

When I do speed benches my upper back comes up off the bench because of the momentum…is there anything wrong with this? Bad technique or beginer mistake, etc.

Do you have bands or chains on?

You’re probably using too light of a weight. Don’t be afraid to add weight until you find the sweet spot.

i had the same problem but solved it by putting on a little more weight (about 5% at a time until the form improves). I know the problem in my case is that i guesstimated my 1 RM so the weight I am using is probably not a true 60% of my 1 RM. Take this with a grain of salt in that you are taking advice from a guy who just started doing westside so i have very little experience, just trying to help another beginner.

Try to arch enough that you are driving your traps into the bench, they shouldnt leave the bench then. Also maybe you should add weight or maybe some bands or chains.

I found this over at elitefts, the whole article can be found at: http://www.elitefts.com/documents/beginner_mistakes_part2_jimw.htm

  1. Your back comes off the bench

I hear this all the time. It’s almost like the people are bragging as if to say, “Look how explosive I am! I can lift myself off the bench.” Unfortunately, this just means that your form is terrible. You should push yourself through the bench, not push the bar away from you. Your upper back and lats must be driven into the bench. You cannot do this if you are constantly throwing yourself off of the bench.

i did this when i first tried speed benches too.

check it out man:

youre just “pulling” the weight back down (thust pulling yourself UP) while there is still upward momentum of the weight.

like the others said “drive your traps into the bench” but basically just make sure the weight is “stopped” at the top before you “pull” it back down.

i hope i explained that right.

just think of it as one rep at a time and you wont have the coming-off-the-bench problem.

good luck,
ryan b.

Thanks for all the advice guys. I think my problem was probably not pushing upper back into bench and concentrating on pushing bar away so I will correct that. As far as adding weight I may add more but I have been trying to make sure I stay within 3 sec rather than follow percents.