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Speed Bench and Raw Bench


The next meet I am doing is without gear. I was doing a speed bench day since for my last meet I used a bench shirt. Is speed work as beneficial to a raw lifter though or would it be better to do something like paused benches or perhaps higher reps/lighter weight instead on the second day?


Speed will always help. You still have to accelerate the bar whether or not you're wearing a bench shirt.


I do all of that. Speed work, pause work, partial benches in the rack. Hell; I did them all last night!

Hopefully in a few weeks when I re-test my max; it will have helped me work through my sticking point.


i compete raw and use a modified Westside templete. I've never gotten much out of speed benching other than tender elbows and shoulders. I typically do two ME bench variations and then follow it up with RE work. Right now I'm doing Tim Henriques -Demolish your bench plateau program. It rotates weekly between RE and ME bench. It's a great program that will kick your ass... very high volume.


Hey maraudermeat, what does that bench press program from Tim look like? Could you PM me it? Thanks




oh sweet, i didn't know it was on this site! lol i looked up in google and thought it was the posts about it.
thanks mang!


be careful what you ask for mang... Meat got me on it, just finished second week... still sore. He also got me on the Coan/ Phillipi Deadlift program. Did I mention I hate him... and his squirrel... lol!


i was supposed to do week 4 of the deadlift cycle tonight, but i'm wayyy too wiped from the bench on monday. my pecs are so sore that i can't even lift my arms all the way. i decided to wait until tomorrow. week 4 is going to be a real bitch.

pain don't hurt.


Pain is just weakness leaving your body. Funny... I don't think you have any weakness... freakin' beast!


only the occasional vaginitis. it's flaring up big time right now.


i decided im doing the platue busting bench routine it looks fantastitc
think this split will work ok?
monday: off
tuesday: legs
wed: shoulders or the bench program havent decided
thurs: legs (these are low volume sessions so i dont overtrian dont worry)
fri: off
sat: bench or shoudler routine
sun: back


If you're a slow lifter, speed work will help a lot.


sent you a message on your profile at the other place, how many boards do you/ am I supposed to use for the board presses week 3 of the program?


its 2 for weak bottom part lifter s and 3 for everyone else i believe it says in page two of the explanation


dang, i like that right there