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Speed Bags


Alright. I'm looking for an upgrade to what I've got, which is the very basic Everlast set up with the large red vinyl POS bag.

My gym has an $80 Reyes bag that I love but can't afford, so I'm going with Title because I love their shit.

What kind does your place have? How do you like it? I'm looking for a 6x9 bag, I'm thinking this one.


Also maybe thinking of their basic bag, but I kind of like the one with all the reinforced shit since I bang on the motherfucker for long periods of time.

basic one:

Opinions? Thoughts?


Why not just save up for a bit and get the one you really like?


It's a bit harder than I think I need for my setup. The Reyes one is nearly solid... I want a leather one as opposed to that one. I think it will work better for me.


And also, I don't know how well this one will hold up because I don't have experience with Reyes. Title shit lasts for a long time.


Gotcha. A buddy of mine got a cheap everlast speed bag set-up [under $50] that he beat on just about daily for a little over 2 years before the actual bag busted at the seams. 2 years for less than 50 bucks is a pretty good deal to me.


Well that's the setup that I have- probably the same Everlast one. I'm just looking upgrade the swivel and the bag so I can make it more effective without dropping the paper on a whole new fuckin platform haha.


i don't use the speed bag much anymore, but all i've ever seen or used is Everlast, and i've never really seen them get wore out....

my .02


I HATE ALL OF YOU!!! I've been working on my boxing/MT for a couple of years now, and the speed bag just isn't working for me at all!! Doesn't help that we don't have one out here just yet, either.


Beat I meant to ask about how the Army teams- are set up.

Irish sorry for the hijack- have you looked on ebay- there is a ton of stuff there- under retail


I like it because it's all about timing and rythym, two things that as a white dude I have none of.

Plus, getting good at it makes you feel like a hardass :wink:


two words:
light sparring



It's like you fucks have ADD today!!


He had the one with the open ended swivel so the bag would go all over the place. He got pretty damn good on that thing. The single action swivel has it going just back and forth, so it's much easier. I never spent enough time on 'em to get even decent at either. Good God those things are frustrating.


Title would be your best route, they're affordable and durable. This one: http://store.titleboxing.com/title-classic-speed-bags.html is only $20.00 too.


I'm more inclined to learn it for the "hardass" factor! LOL. It sucks when there are ladies who can do it with ease, but I can't do it at all! Makes me feel like less of a man. Think I might order one for the gym here. Figure I should get decent with it by the time I redeploy.


I avoid the speed bag like the plague. I can't do it for shit, yet I have the fastest hands in my gym, go figure.

Truth be told it's probably the least useful tool in the gym, but yeah if you can do it well, you look cool.


My hands could always be faster, however, I like the "cool" factor. Ever since watching the Mayweather/De La Hoya 24/7, where they were working it with one arm, without looking, I want to do it. Silly, yes. Cool, though, hell yeah!


You know dude, I used to think like this, but once I really started doing it, the benefits in hand-eye coordination, endurance, and timing really started to get me.

Watch this video- Freddie seems to think it's important as well, and generally that's enough for me.

And by the way- being able to to do it looking away, eyes closed, one armed, etc. all looks really cool but it's not that hard to do haha. Once you get the rythym down you could be doin fuckin calculus while you're hitting it and not worry


Light sparring works really well if you have the right people for it. Wait, ADD kicked in.

I like doing the speed bag cuz people think you actually have all around boxing skills if you do it really well. Such as looking away as you mentioned or talking to the cute girl who's amazed. Watching Rocky 3 as a kid is what made me want to learn it.

Title speed bags are pretty good.


Get the yellow x-small peanut bag. Takes some getting used to at first but it's an awesome little bag - very fluid. And it's cheaper than the tuf-wear bag.