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Speed Bag

Put up a cheap everlast speed bag the other week. Nothing special, $60 for bag and platform.

I have 0 speed bag / boxing experiance. Please tell me it gets easier to hit. Currently I can get about 4-8 hits before the bag starts going other directions.

Anyone have advice?

…How full should the bag be filled with air. I think mine might be over filled. Its very tight and hard. If you drop it on the ground it almost bounces up back to you.

This would probably be better placed in the combat sports forum.

learn the rhythm of the bag…1-2-3, and hit square

I hit the bag as part of my routine, it’s kind of fun to do now that I can actually do it fast, but I think it’s one of the most pointless things in boxing.

I agree, pretty pointless. My coach got mad at me the other day when he caught me doing it. But it is fun. Just start slow, its all about the rhythym. Hit it, wait for it to bounce three times, then hit it again. Just make a small circle with your fists. Theres a “sweet spot” on the bag that you should be hitting everytime.
Boom Boom Boom, Punch
Boom Boom Boom, Punch
Gets easier with practice.

I love that guys do this only because it’s cool. I completely understand it, because when you can get it going it’s awesome, and I think Joe Frazier said that the first time he felt like a fighter was when he could hit that bag right.

But yea, just like everything else in boxing, it’s all about rhythm.