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Speed Bag Platform Suggestions?

Looking for advice on a speed bag platform for a home gym.
I’m handy with tools so not a problem to install.
Will not need to be adjusted in height. I’m the only one using it.
Would like to keep price reasonable.
Thank you.

Good piece of 3/4 ply with a swivel in the middle works good. Just brace it with 2x4s and screw it into the studs, drywall anchors won’t work. I’m a carpenter by trade so I can give you more specific instructions if needed.

3/4 ply with a smooth side so bag doesn’t catch on an edge. Big enough for the bag. Round or square?
Backing for the swivel?
Can I just stack a 2x4 to the back edge of the platform and screw to the studs? With a brace on each side at 45 or 22.5 degrees?
Or a vertical attachment to each side of 2x4 at the back edge and fix that parallel to the studs?
Was going to use deck screws to fasten. Exposed studs , no drywall

Thank you

Yeah just run 2x4 braces on top of the ply to the studs. Then two 45° braces to the front end of those back to the studs. Cut your ply and hit the edges with a belt sander to get the burrs but the bag shouldn’t hit the edge anyway. Just a 2x4 block for swivel backing if you want. Probably not even necessary with 3/4 ply and lag bolts. They make sanded plywood thats smooth as a baby’s ass. Probably cost around 75$ total

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I’d cut it round with a jigsaw but it’s personal preference. If you put a screw in the center and put a chain over it and put your pencil in a link about 18" out. You can use that to trace a perfect circle

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All in my wheelhouse of limited skills.
Home Depot near me sells 1/2 and 1/4 sheets.
Thank you.