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Speed Bag and Heavy Bag

Hi All!

Does anyone have any recommendations (good or bad) regarding the free-standing speed bag/heavy bag combinations? I’m going to be using a 100 pound heavy bag with it. (I’ve got it hanging from the rafters right now, but my wife says it’s too loud at 6:00 in the morning when she’s trying to sleep)

I’m looking at either one by TKO or one by Century Martial Arts…

Here’s a link to the TKO one:


Thanks in advance!


I don’t have an enormous amount of experience with different brands but since they are pretty damned simple, I can’t imagine being disappointed with just picking the one that looks best combined with a decent price.

I can’t see this stuff breaking unless you really abuse them. And I don’t mean hard use, I mean ABUSE.

Be sure it’s real leather - the synthetic stuff can cut, and generally sucks.

No worries man, I already have a leather heavy bag. (the 100 pound bag I was talking about in the original post)

As to what kind of recommendations, I’m just looking for anyone that’s used either one to tell me whether it moves around lots, whether it’s going to stand up to the weight of the 100 pound bag, etc.


As to whether it will move a lot will depend on how hard you hit. I would recommend finding a way to tie the bottom down too. I have a 100 lbs bag and have been boxing for a long time and let me tell you, if it’s not weighted down and braced, it walks and talks. And I am referring to the stand.

THe bottom of it has pipes where you can put weights so it doesn’t move I used to have one. I really liked it but I was a light weight so I didn’t have to worry about it moving too much as long as it was weighted.

I would recommend using those cables on the bottom to keep it from moving too much. I’m sorry i don’t remember the name of the cables, but they are the flexible kind. Most people use them to tie down boat covers and tarps. The speed bag is really loud though, there’s no avoiding that. But it’s alot less anoying then if you have it connected to the wall. Just remember the speed bag is for speed not power so don’t try to pulverize it.