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speed and strength in the same workout

can i use both approaches in the same workout without it being counterproductive? i’m thinking of doing something like heavy deadlifts supersetted with speed squats both for 6x3. using the same protocal to mix heavy squats and speed deads, speed bench and heavy rows, and heavy bench and speed rows on seperate days. i find doing heavy squats and heavy deads on the same to be a bit much if i’m gonig “all out”. my goals are strength and speed for MMA, althought some size is always nice.

What you are describing is a variation on the contrast method. The method works by using a heavy lift to increase the activity of the CNS and then transfering that into an explosive movement.

It won’t be counterproductive at all.

Others may have better suggestions as to what exercises to combine, but I don’t have as much experience with MMA. Generally, you mix the maximal work with more plyometric based movements, but there’s no reason why you couldn’t try your plan.

Bare in mind that you don’t want the max work to be too heavy as it will impede your ability to generate power in the lighter exercise. Focus on acceleration when doing the max exercise as well. If you can’t move it relatively fast, then it may be too heavy of a load.

Absolutley. It’s called complex training. Using a speed movement with a strength one will enhance the latter.
Every Jay Schroeder program that I’ve seen has his athletes train speed and strength in the same workout.