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Speed and Quickness

Kind of a strange question, but Im actually wondering what specific exercises you can do to improve ones speed or quickness. Ive been training for 2 years and Im 24, and Im in great shape, but I have “slowed” down since high school.

I used to only weigh 125 in high school but still haha. Im still relatively light at 150 now, but I want to get into the 4.4-4.6 40 yard range again. In high school I ran a 4.5 or so but I ran track. My running now is mostly treadmill.

Ive signed up for this flag football league and Im getting smoked by 17-18 year old kids. It would be one thing if I was 34 but at 24 its embarassing. Is it possible to get faster? More explosive off the line?

Of course it is possible to get faster and quicker more explosive.

First thing is look at how you are training. If you are training solely like a bodybuilder then chances are it’s not the best training for speed and quickness as it relates to athletics.

Second, if you want you to be fast then certain phases of your training need to be geared towards training fast.

Third, you want to get faster then you will have to do specific speed work. So get off the damn treadmill. you’re asking about having a specific 40 time. Keep in mind the 40yd dash is majorically acceleration. Acceleration cannot properly be trained on a treadmill. You want to improve your sprinting speed & mechanics then get your ass outside and sprint.

Fourth, you gotta be decently strong in relation to your body size. this will help absorb the forces that occur when sprinting and also help you when accelerating and your drive phase.

Fifth, it’s been stated on here time and again…get your ass and hamstrings stronger.

Good luck.

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