Speech for College - Help me for Topic

I’m taking a communications class and I have an informative speech. I can do any topic that I’m passionate about. The topic has to be relevant to the audience so I couldn’t do topics like “How to use steroids, safely” or “Ten tips for a bigger bench”. You get the idea. Obviously I’d like to something pertaining to fitness, nutrtion, or health so if anyone out there that could give me some pointers and/or topics I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Most people probably still think that all dietary fat is bad. Your speech could be explain how certain fats are ‘good’ fats and maybe cover the benefits of getting enough essential fatty acids. If you emphasise the potential to reduce body fat your audience might even stay awake :).

Explain what happens when you eat different types of carbohydrates, the subsequent insulin response and its effects. Then you could talk about nutrient partitioning, aka Massive Eating.

Here a good one. "The FDA and and the mass media are trying to sway public opinion against the use of nurtitional supplements. The FDA and Doctors would rather see the consumer shell out big bucks for prescription drugs. The mass media is determined to hold ssafe and effective supplements responsible for the deaths of stupid people. People everywhere must speak out and protect their right to dietary supplements.

Meal planning - everyone has to eat, talk about nutrients with regards to ratios and timing and the physiological and psychological effects of altering each (i.e blood sugar levels and frequency of meals for both physiological and psychological well being throughout the day or regular protein meals for the same type of thing).

“The Adonis Complex”; the syndrome where men are more obscessed with their body and looks than even many women, and the lengths that they will go through (calf, pec, bicep implants; face lifts; liposuction, starvation diets, etc). Should appeal to men and women…would be neat to have some slides (if allowed)…

Last year i had a speech class and i did a speech on how to eat different micronutriants in food effect your body, and basically what you body does with then once they are in you body…What ever you do though, do not make that mistake of asking if anyone has any questions at the end. I did that and for the rest of the semester, i had people asking what and when to eat. Also if you do anything on this lifestyle, make sure you mention that diet is the most important thing…

The negative consequences of the college rampant nutrition standard of: muffin and juice breakfast, no lunch, sugar or fat+sugar grazing, and supper of pizza, pasta, or McD’s … versus balanced regular nutrition that is typically forced upon a 5 year old child entering school.
You can talk about insulin levels, fat storage, energy levels, vitamens, and paralell it to education level ie first year college student should have picked up the basics by now … it could be a fun lecture with use of humour and great information… just an idea.

Man, these ALL sound good–I want to hear a speech on every one of them! I especially like the speeches on the Adonis Complex, healthy fats, and the FDA versus supplements.

GOALS!! Whenever I get the chance, I talk about goals: what they really are (having a deadline), how important it is to have them, writing them down, reminding yoourself of them constantly, different areas of goals (spiritual, family, communtiy, financial, physical). Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” is a great reference for this one, as habit number 2 (if I remember right) is “begin with the end in mind.” Another one is Biblical – “Man without vision shall perish.”

Hit it where it hurts - tell them why America is getting fatter even following the food pyramid, slimfast, weight watchers - tell them why those common weight loss tactics are at best a short term victory and at worse, part of the “fatness” problem itself.

Check out Chris Shugart’s “Merry Christmas Bob” Guest Atomic Dog, There are PLENTY of ideas in that piece.

Hey, you can relate anything to your audience if you try hard enough. In the public speaking class I took in college I did speaches on STD’s (3 out of 4 college students have one) and the proper way to tackle (very useful in many ways…) you just need to find a way to connect to the group. Nutrtrition is a great topic, and even steroids could work with the right ‘angle’ - you just need to find it. How about how supplements can enhance performance in the classroom? That would definately be of interest to the class…maybe you could get some PowerDrive samples to pass out or something… just a thought!

just pick a few of the many very common misconceptions that the media has caused people to have on working out and diet and talk about why they are wrong. a good nutrition one that was allready mentioned was that “fat makes you fat”.

Love the ideas people. Keep in mind this is an “Informative” speech so my goal is not to persuade them. The adonis complex topic and the FDA swaying public about supps would be too opinionated I think. I like the ideas about why America is getting fatter (would have to specify though), the proper way to eat (carbs, fats, proteins), and using supplements to enhance classroom performance. I do have a persuasive speech later in this class and I know what I want to do for it. I remembered Tim’s Killer Instinct article in the 2nd paper issue and I want to use that exact topic which is: “Estrogen…Good…Testosterone…Bad” My idea is to where my testosterone shirt for the first time during my speech for that one. Keep the ideas coming. I’ll let you know on what I decide for my speech.

I had to do a speech last year, I did it on GHB and how it effects the body. Good book to pick up on that is GHB: The Natural Mood Enhancer, or Smart Drugs 2

How about a speech on how weight training is unecessary, and how you should start “walking” instead. And dietary supplements are either harmful or don’t work, so instead everyone should be on prozac or meridea. Just kidding!