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Anyone else notice that this is being used as a pejorative term for "businessmen?" Our HNIC is printing our currency into oblivion while at the same time blaming "speculators" for the resulting inflation. Pretty shitty.


Classic government propaganda. Rampant speculation in financial markets is an effect of irresponsible monetary policy, not the cause of our financial crisis. Government creates a scapegoat to draw attention away from the true culprits: central banks and regulations that encourage excessive risk-taking while minimizing private losses.


I think one factor that is not being mentioned is the cost of fuel, It costs $1000 to fill a Semi Truck, everything is transported via truck


Thats fucking expensive, damn just damn :open_mouth:


Actually printing more currency does not increase inflation necessarily at all, just causes devaluation. There is a small relationship between devaluation and inflation however, i.e. less imports = more spending on domestic goods/services = increase in demand/decrease in supply = inflation. But they are not closely related at all.


Agree with your main point though. Next they'll be blaming the 'captialists'.


It is a phony argument.


They are also using the "speculators" as the reason why oil prices are going up. I am still waiting for them to explain exactly how this is done.

Of course it has nothing to do with government actions due to, among other things, the devaluation of the dollar, our massive debt, or our military intervention in Libya


Fuck Obama.

Obama has zero fucking experience running a business. Hell, he knows fuck all about Constitutional Law, and he has a "degree" (which is debatable) in it. This is just him hating white people with money.

Nevermind he's on record for wanting gas prices to go up, and hasn't cut 1 fucking cent of taxes on it to elevate any strain.

Did I mention fuck Obama?


"HNIC" ?? Really man? how am I the only one who noticed this?? Cool the racist jets.


You know what's wild? When gas prices hit 4+ dollars a gallon a few years ago, it was because "Bush and the Republicans are giving tax breaks to the oil companies and the oil companies are gouging the American public!"

But whatever.

Now, 5 dollar a gallon gas is the result of the "crisis" in Lybia, the BP oil spill, supply and demand, and "rampant and irresponsible" speculation from those "greedy Wall Street bankers" (whatever that means). Just about ANYTHING that won't implicate Obama's horrendous mis-management of everything he's involved in.

But hey, I won't have to pay for my mortgage or worry about putting gas in my car.

Keep fucking that chicken.


I'm curious. How is this Lybia bullshit driving up the price of oil? I hear this a lot, but I don't hear HOW it's driving the price up.


Libya is a big exporter of oil but that's mainly to Europe (which is why Brent Crude went up far quicker than West Texas). What speculators are more worried about is unrest in Saudi Arabia (which has been kept mostly under wraps in the eastern regions). They're hedging their bets about protests spreading to that region. Not to mention unrest in the Niger Delta due to Nigerian elections, unrest in Iraq etc etc


100 dollar oil has been predicted for months now, I'm still confounded as to how this "all of a sudden" Lybia crisis is affecting the price of oil.

The Saudis warned the U.S. about 100+ oil for almost a year now. Why are we just starting to talk about it?

Lybia's got nothing to do with it.


Because with regard to the impending energy crisis, the plan for Western governments of all political stripes is to stick their fingers in their ears, shut their eyes, go 'nananana' and hope it all goes away.


Neither racist nor a joke. That's what he was elected to be.


Then perhaps I misunderstood and am unaware of what it stands for. The only thing I know it is used as is "head n**ger in charge" ala urban dictionary. What else does it stand for?


I hear more about "trouble in the middle east" this time around. It was "speculators" with Bush.

Who can blame speculators for speculating that we will print more money and inflate the paper value of commodoties?

Taxes and inflation are the tools of liberalism to take control of the means of production.


Propaganda always needs a scapegoat.