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Speculative First Cycle (Test Cyp)


bf: low, visible abs and striations in traps, biceps, etc.

Previous anabolic experience:
Ran an S-drol cycle of 30/30/30/30 followed by a 40/40/20/20 Nolva run,
ran a couple extra liver and cycle assists too. Put on somewhere between 5-10lbs pretty lean after slowly leaning back up. No real sides except some slight gyno in the last week/going into the PCT but it cleared up from the Nolva.

Plans are as follows:
Weeks 1-10:
250 or 375mg Testosterone Cyp E3D (haven't decided yet)

Weeks 11-12:
(blank) (maybe Tribulus?)

Weeks 13-16:
Nolva 20mg ED

Probably going to run GHRP-6 and CJC in combination with this. I'm getting some HCG as well, but am not 100% on the dosing. Any information on that would be appreciated, or I'm just going to keep researching on the matter.

I have access to D-bol for a frontload, but I'm not sure if I want to get some/use some yet. Thoughts?

Thanks for the help.


If you're relatively new to AAS then I would suggest just going with 250mg Test Cyp for your first real cycle with test in it.

As far as Nolva goes, I think it would be best if you ran 40/40/20/20.

Best of luck to you.


I'm assuming you mean the 250 E3D for 500mg/week total?

Hmm ok on the Nolva. Thanks man.

Any thoughts on HCG (if it's necessary, and how I should dose it), and if I should frontload with Dbol?


Yes, 250 E3D. With the Dbol, it's really up to you. Some like to use it just to kick start their cycle, get everything running a little faster. I would suggest 30-50mg Dbol ED for the first 4 weeks if you choose to use it.

Keep HCG on hand if your nuts start to shrink.


Hmm. Probably going to do the Dbol then, at the dosages you recommend.

You don't regularly dose the HCG throughout the cycle, you just do it if your nuts are shrinking (i.e. natural test is getting shut down)? So it's like Nolva in the respect that you use it once you notice symptoms, instead of just dosing it regularly to stop them originally?


A cycle WILL shut you down. You can't "supplement" testosterone, only replace it. It's a negative feedback loop. If your system senses plenty of testosterone, it stops sending the signals (LH/FSH) to produce more. That is not really variable. Atrophy is, but shutdown is not.

The beauty of HCG is that it minimizes or even averts shutdown, since it is replicating the role of the LH/FSH that your body is no longer producing. Thus you will continue to produce some natural T, even on cycle. It's best to do HCG throughout throughout cycle...250iu EOD is kind of standard. More than that probably won't achieve any real benefit (and indeed can do harm by desensitizing leydig cells.) Why get atrophy and kill natural production, if you don't have to? HCG is great because it makes PCT a breeze. HCG on-cycle, followed by Test Taper, are where it's at.