Spectro Labs

Hey guys. I need to know what you guys think of Spectro Labs. Specifically their clenbuterol (pump similar to ventipulmin by boehringer ineglheim). i know they are a counterfeit company but last i checked they had a good rep, just wanted to see how things r now on the spectro lab side.

Correction… they are an UNDERGROUND company, not a counterfeit one. By being “counterfeited”, you are saying the products are fake.

I’ve tried some of their products in the past with good results. I’ve never seen a “clen” from them, so I can’t vouche for it. If it’s anything like their other stuff, it should be good too.

Spectro labs shut down quite some time ago now. I would be very carefull about purchasing this product. I never heard of spectro selling clen pumps. Unless it resembles the product above, I would buy from another source. P-22