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Specter Becomes Democrat


Longtime GOP Sen. Arlen Specter becomes Democrat


What do you all think?


Big deal. Lots of people suddenly switch loyalties for politically expedient reasons.


Nice pic Varq! Well done.


This guy is a real piece of work....


LOL. I heard he was getting his ass kicked in the GOP primary polling... hmm.. coincidence?


It's about time...He always acted like one, he finally has the balls to admit he is one.


It is a very big deal, and sounds very suspicious if you ask me.

There is likely much more behind this than the political expediency.


Either way, it works for me.


I love it - nice job Varq!


I think the Republican Party has turned into (or become) something that is unrecognizable. Back in the day, the definition of a Republican was pretty clear. Nowadays its hard to figure out what's going on with them. I am sure that that played a part in his changing parties. That and that he can't win Pennsylvania.


I think he's a tool. He did it so he wouldn't get beat in a primary.




I'm wondering if we are seeing the Republicans shedding their dead weight.

While I don't like losing any race, one wonders if it's part of getting back to principles.

No one can claim specter was much of a Conservative.

I'm thinking they are moving back to the Right.

The recent votes in the Senate/House over the budgets gave me great hope.



Commander Hope'n'Change is thrilled to have Specter on board! Fire up those teleprompters for the Democratic primaries!



He won't get re-elected no matter what he does.


I think you're right.


Political Calculus:



He switched to a Republican in 1965 when he realized he couldn't win as a Democrat and now he does the same thing in 2009 and people are suprised? Politicians always put power over principle.


This is a serious question:

Getting back to what "principles"?

(And if you say "less government", I'll throw up...)



This is a serious question:

Getting back to what "principles"?

(And if you say "less government", I'll throw up...)