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Specs For Chains & Lifting Platform

Moved to a new base with a tractor supply store a few miles away from me. Wanna grab some chains and built a lifting platform out of plywood and sheets of rubber. What kinda guage chain should I buy, and at what length? And anyone have specs for a lifting platform??

5 4x8 sheets of plywood and 2 2x8 sheets of rubber will build you all the platform you’ll ever need!

Sweet, I knew I could count on you dude. Now I just need the chains and I’m good to go.

Chains should be 5/8" you’ll also need a couple carrabeaners of some type to secure the chains to the metal loop that will attach the chains to the bar. Length will depend on what lifts you want to use the chains for and where you want them to kick in on the ROM.

Rubber at Tractor Supply, or any horse stall mat for that matter, comes in 4’x6’ sheets. Just get 3 4x8 sheets of 3/4" plywood, and rip one at 2’. Screw it all together to make an 8x6 platform, making sure the seams don’t overlap. Put two 4x6 sheets of stall mat on the top.

You can also get the interlocking squares in 24"x24" and make it into a 2’x8’ strip, but it’s more expensive than the 4x6 sheets.

Thanks tedro, the explanation was very helpful.

Power GnP, thanks for that. I’m thinking of getting a set for deadlifts and bench.

Make sure to get smaller lead chains too so that when you’re in the bottom of the squat, or with the bar on your chest while benching, the heavy chain is nearly all on the ground.