SpecOps First Cycle

Well Ive been reading and trolling for sometime and I think the time is right for my first cycle.

Me: I’m 25 6’1 205lbs 16%bf. Ive been training 8 years, I’ll admit about 2.5 years was not as intense as it should have been, I was deployed overseas in Iraq/Afghanistan/Kuwait, so workouts were very basic and food was hard to come by! Former Marine and currently a Brazilian jiu jitsu purple belt. I compete and help train as well.

Diet: Diet is looking like 5000Cal a day min, I don’t drink or smoke and I havent eaten fast food in about 6 years or so.

Goals: 15+ Mass and improved strength. I’d like to try and not lose my felxibiltiy for jiu jitsu, but we’ll see

The First attempt cycle plan:
W 1-10 Test Enth 250mg X2 a Week
W 13 Nolva 20mg 2x/d or Clomid 50mg 2x/d
W 14-16 Nolva 20mg/d or Clomid 25mg/d
Now Adex? I hear some say you don’t need it all it can ruin gains, some say have it incase, some say use it throughout the cycle. Adex is the only thing I’m having trouble locating for a price that isnt double of Test E.
Gentleman I appreciate the look and advice, I’m by far not an expert or I would’nt be posting. I’m here for advice. Thanks

research laboratories are your best bet for adex mate.

A lot of guys would say to try and get your weight up naturally before diving in and to get your body fat down a few more points.

Aside from that, I would extend the Test E to 12 weeks. Have Adex on hand just in case. Some will say on 500mg a week you won’t need it, others will say to run it just to be safe(@.25mg EOD or E3D). I think it just depends on the individual.

Yeh I need to get my bf checked tomorrow that number is a bit old. Ill get the Adex to be safe. Does everything else look good?

Yes, you should at least have the adex available. You have no idea how the test is going to affect you, and some people are a lot more inclined to develop gyno than others.

Cycle itself looks fine to me. I benefited (greatly) from adding some dbol in for 4 weeks to my own first test e cycle. Also there is no reason why, if you do it right, you can’t gain up to or in excess of 30lbs.

As far as flexibility, unless you are very proactively doing about 20-30 minutes of hard stretching daily, I’d say be prepared to lose a lot. One of my only real gripes about my first cycle like this was major loss of flexibility I suffered. For the first time in my life, there were places on my back I couldn’t scratch, and tying my shoes got to be much more difficult than it should have been. Then again, I didn’t do a whole lot to counter this, so maybe you won’t have it so bad.

30 Pounds would shoot me up a few weight classes in tournaments. No worries, I plan on still rolling BJJ every day and I still teach weekly but Im not worried. Im getting Adex for sure and decided to go with nolva rather than clomid. So my revised cycle looks like this. I want to do this correctly and safely for sure. Thanks

W 1-12 Test Enth 250mg X2 a Week
W 13 Nolva 20mg 2x/d
W 14-16 Nolva 20mg/d
Adex On hand

Don’t start Nolva until week 14.

wait two weeks after last injection to start PCT then do 4 weeks of nolva.

OK So this should be it maybe…

W 1-12 Test Enth 250mg X2 a Week
W 14 Nolva 20mg 2x/d
W 15-17 Nolva 20mg/d
Adex On hand

Cycle looks good- nice and simple, not complicated at all. Only thing, is nolva at 40,20,20,20 the way to go, or is 40/40/20/20 better? I don’t know, but just a thought for someone else to answer.

theres beens studies by certain individuals that say 20mg nolva is just as good as 40mg i always went with the 40/40/20/20 but i dont really like change