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Specific Opposite Stance Tactic

Stepping on the their lead foot…this is something Ive really been trying to figure out if it really is successful and worth doing or no.
Whether fighting a sp or are a sp does anyone try this? or even better does anyone have a footage of a fighter successfully doing this in a fight to land a punch or something effective off this?

2 examples are one a lot of people know is jmm vs pac 4 there’s a famous pic floating around of the knock out and it has jmm foot on top of pacs foot as he threw his big right hand. Now a lot of times this also happens by mistake, I do not know if he intentionally ment to do it or not so its hard to discuss if actually used it as a tactic.

But one bit of footage I have is ponce de leon trying it on broner…but nothing successful came out of it.
about 18:10min into the video go to

The question is, what do yous think of this? what is a good go to if I actually try this? What is something I should look out for if I do this?

I am a southpaw, and it happens constantly when I work with or move with orthodox fighters. No harm - it’s just what happens because of the foot positioning.

If I feel you’re intentionally stepping on my foot, though, I’m going to hit you in the balls.