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Specific Newbie Questions

Hey there, I am in the process of developing my first cycle, and have a couple of specific questions.

  1. Being from Canada, is Rick Collins “legal Muscle” worth purchasing due to the different laws regarding steroids?

  2. I have a couple of sources in Calgary, and am wondering if anyone is aware of fakes, etc. to watch out for

Thanks for any help

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Thanks BushidoBadBoy,

I agree with your answer somewhat, and do own Anabolics 2006. I’ve also done reasearch at t-mag and mesomorphosis to supplement it.

I only ask about Legal Muscle cause the laws and consequences are vastly different, leading to the possibility that the information within is largely irrelevant. Much like trying to calaculate a companies income tax using a foreign countries tax code.

From what I can tell on my own, it doesn’t really seem worth it, I just thought I would double check

Well done