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HEy guys i have a couple of questions on some stuff i can do mainly at my house, but im willing to try it out at the gym.

What are something i can do to help strengthen my ankles? I play basketball and i wear a brace just i would much rather have strong ankles than have to wear the brace.

What can i do to help strengthen my VMO? I all ready do ATG squats, but i wanted to know about some other things i can do either at my house or at the gym.

Are there any muscle groups that are usually over/underworked? In the shoulder for example, i know people blow out their rotator cuffs. IS there a way to prevent that? Whats some prehab that i can do for muscles usually not worked too well/often?

Whats are some exercises i can do for the inside of my leg (Adductor i think)? I usually dont focus too much on the AD/AB-ductors when im at the gym, but i sometimes do some band side steps at home. What are somethings i can do for the inside of my leg?

Thanks alot for all ur help.


I don’t have many answers… but as a sort of bump, you can do plyo work for your verticle and with respect to weak points many people ignore their posterior chain.

Peterson Step Ups

Edit: And pull a sled.

To srengthen your ankles do stability work with them on an unstable surface, such as a sit-fit, wobble-board or any unstable surface you can find. Start with two feet than go to one foot at a time, than do it with your eyes closed.
For adductor work I like wide squats and wide leg press. these tend to hit the adds in a good why.

I would say more but I have forgoten your other questions. Hope this helps a bit.

Local athletes train in my gym and what I have seen, a national level triple jumper likes to perform stepups with a jump at the top. Barbell on shoulders. Relatively light load, 20-30 kg = 44 - 66 lb.
He also does jumpsquats.

Thanks alot for ur help.

Anyone else have anything?

[quote]TomRocco wrote:
Thanks alot for ur help.

Anyone else have anything?

Herschel Walker would in the freshly plowed furrows barefoot. Walter Payton was notorious for his ravine workouts.
Jacques Piesenta (French sprint coach) has his athletes do weekly jogs through the forest over uneven ground. Best time is right after the pigs have dug for truffles and the soil is all dug up.