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Specific Day for Shoulders?

I read the article on “8 weeks to monster shoulders” and posted my questions there, but am not sure if they’ll get answered, so decided to start a new thread.

Im currently doing the “real fast fat loss” program, and some strength training involving, deadlifts, squats, inclinde DB bench, cable chest press, muscle snatch, and pullups.

I’d like to go ahead and do this program for long term shoulder health, but am not sure how to do it without completely dropping my current goals and program.

I can drop the front squat/ push press from RFFL, as barbell overhead pressing aggrevates my shoulders sometimes.

So AC, and CW say to do this program in place of your current shoulder workouts, but I dont have a specific day for shoulders since I train full body.

Would it be fine to just cut back on my full body training volume, and stick this program in there? And is it ok to continue with RFFL, as no exercises in the program except for the front squat/push press, aggrevate my shoulders?

Lastly, do i just do this once every 5 days?

Thanks in advance.