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Specialized Weekly Schedule

Hey Guys,
2 quick questions. Doing a specialized routine for 4 weeks on my arms (https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/4-weeks-to-big-arms) after completing the Power Look Program which I had great success from.

  1. The weekly order subscribed is Monday, Thursday, Saturday arm days and Tuesday being Maintenance day for the rest of the body. Is it better to have the maintenance day before or after an arm day?

  2. Is it ok to do deadlifts in the rep ranges between 6 - 15 as prescribed in the program. Would substituting with low bar trap bar deads be a better option?

Appreciate your help,

  1. You don’t even do your maintenance and arm work on separate days. There’s three maintenance+arm days and one maintenance day where you train everything else but your arms.

  2. There’s absolutely no reason to go as high as 15 reps on the deadlift. Also as the program calls for drop sets, slow negatives and rest pause work on the deadlift, I would much rather use a trap bar for that.