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Specialized Routines When/Where?, because the Why is obvious


Heya T-freques. There are several specialized routines that I want to try out (Including DOn Alessi's trap growth program among others) but I've no idea when or where to throw specialized/individualized routines into my training when I'm following protocols such as HST, EDT, 5x5, ect. Any ideas? Thanks T-baggers. Lata.

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I'm thinking that if you're legs are lagging and you need the specialized routine to bring them up, and are using the 5x5 program, as outlined by Joel - then substitue a leg specialized routine for whatever is leg day. OR, perform leg training first day of a training cycle - when your monkey senses have been rested from a off day(s). (I'm just using legs as an example here)

If you're specifically asking about when to add the "trap specialization" than I would perform that on what would be a shoulder day. Does this help?


Thank you yet again Patricia for your helpful input. Right now w/ HST it's difficult as it is a full body program, though I'm thinking that I can substitute some of the first exercises on day 3 w/ a specialization routine. Lata.

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Eric, did you check out Tony Meazell's article about specialization in a previous issue of T-Mag? The take home message from the article, and the point I believe is most important when it comes to specialization, is that you need to cut down the work you do for other muscles when specializing on a particular group. You could do what Patricia suggested, but you might not see the gains you would otherwise see in your "specialized muscles" if you don't cut back a bit on your other work. I guess I'm trying to say that if you're doing HST, you might not be able to effectively specialize on any given muscles without ruining the intended HST protocol.


SBET, you raise a very valid and provocative point. Though I am doing HST, would you conside lateral raises and shrugs (2 sets per w/o) too excessive in terms of incorporating some Trap specialization? Furthermore, I would argue the Waterbury MIB principle in this case. While Alessi's program is not the 100 reps protocol, it would still provide extra stimuli to the muscle group. In your opinion, would the 4 total sets done 2 workouts previous to the specialized trianing be that detrimental? Thanks. Lata.

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Good point, SBET


By the way, anyone out there getting any results on HST? Sounds intriguing. I'm currently on Arms specialization--doing a test-training-codex style arm w/o twice a week.


Eric, here's what I think...give Alessi's trap program (I assume we're talking about the Giant Set trap program) a go during your four weeks of 10's and 5's. You might try doing it on Day 1 instead of 3 though, as you would be fresher etc. as Patricia pointed out. Do me a favor and let me know how it works out for you too...I would like to try that trap program in the near future as well.


I am. In 2.5 months i gained more or less 15 pounds. Part of this weight was regained and part was due to creatine suplementation. Due a search on HST or on restless and read my previous posts if you're interested.


I've been doing Don's trap program for a few weeks now, and it's a killer. I'm doing Chad's 100 reps for traps, but they're still sore the next day. I am noticing a little growth so far, hopefully more to come. I'll be doing it for another 2 or 3 weeks.


kind of waying away from everyone else's responses, but i had great results with poliquins 2,1,1,1 dropset workout. the weights on my 4 core lifts (sumo deads, squat, incline,pullups) went through the roof in 4 weeks. also, like patricia was saying, if your legs are lacking, split them up. i do hams and quads on different days, and my upper legs are now my best muscle. just my 2 cents, or should i say 2 banana peels.


I think the Meazell article was a great broad overview, but I would have loved to have seen a practical application of the principles. Specifically, what percentage of total volume should be dedicated to the area of emphasis. And, is it ideal to always perform low rep strength work for maintenance of other muscle groups? Plus, how does one factor in muscle groups that are involved in other movements and are thus subject to overtraining (e.g a biceps specialization protocol that must incorporate back work).