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Specialization on Diet


I have read a few times that it is possible to bring up lagging bodyparts on a diet if you specialize and have proper peri-workout nutrition. My question is how far can you take the diet fatloss wise and still put on a bit of muscle? In other words what kind of calorie deficit? Could you go as low as 8-10 X BW?


I honestly do not calculate caloric intake when planning a diet anymore. Simply put all formulas are at best a disguised guess. Two individuals with the exact same body composition and activity level can have drastically different responses to the same diet.

But from experience, with the proper peri-workout supplementation and an adequate protein intake (roughly 1.25 - 1.5g per pound) you can still bring up a lagging body part when specializing when you are losing 3lbs per 2 weeks.


Yeah, even as a typed it I remebered you saying that most caloric calculations are not valid but, I do not know how to phrase it. Thanks for the Response.

At a rate of 3 lbs per 2 weeks and protein at 1.25-1.5 what would carbs and fat have to be at? Carbs only around training and fat about equal to protein? About 30-60 g carbs pre training?