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Specialization in Total Body Training Program?

Paul I’m currently following your total body training for advanced lifters and I’m loving the approach tbh. It fits perfectly into my life and work balance.
I do however want to bring up a few lagging body parts over the next year but continue with the program. How would I go about this? I can’t afford the time for extra gym sessions.

Can you grab some dumbbells and bands to have at home? If so that’s one way to get in some extra work.

Second, what are your strongest muscle groups in order? From strongest to weakest, in terms of development…

I have bands at home yes but no dumbells.

Strongest to weakest muscle groups:-
Upper back and traps

So basically you’re going to focus on biceps and quads mostly for those two days.

If your upperback and traps are strongest then those go bye bye. Same for extra direct deltoid and triceps work.

What most people don’t like to do is actually DROP direct training for certain bodyparts when they are specializing because they freak out and think they are going to shrink.

I had this issue with a client a while back. His legs totally overpowered his upper body. So we trained legs once every 12 days.

His legs grew from that. They didn’t shrink. They didn’t maintain. They grew.

Before someone with weak legs reads this and thinks that’s the solution, it’s not. His legs were a strong bodypart because he was always smashing them. WE needed to bring his back up badly. So I took legs back to once every 12 days. Due to the increased recovery time…they grew.

Crazy talk I know. Guys don’t want to allow a bodypart to rest but if they have been smashing it for some time then that rest is WHEN the muscle grows.

Specialize for a while and destroy a bodypart 2-3 times a week for 8-10 weeks then scale it back for a while.

Thanks for the reply Paul. Excellent info as always. Can I clarify one thing though?
You say to focus on the biceps and quads ‘for those two days’. Do you mean on each of the two day splits? So really focusing on those muscle groups four times a week then?

You could do it either way. Four times a week would be pretty gnarly, tho.