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Specialization Hypertrophy Period - Jacked Athlete 31

Hi CT,
Quick question on the Jacked Athlete 31 training structure. For the Hypertrophy training periods/weeks, could you do specialisation type training focusing on 1 or 2 lagging muscles to help bring up?

Also, here you recommend a 3-1 structure, but how flexible can you be with it? Say could you use a 4-2, 3-2, 3-3 and so on for example?

Thanks for the help,
Mike P

Yes absolutely. 3 spec workouts in the week and 1 workout hitting the other muscle groups (or the bg 3 lifts).

4-2 is very effective too. 3-3 can work if you are more interested in hypertrophy than performance. I’m not a huge fan of 3-2.

Hi CT,
Ok great this will allow to fix areas in-between performance/mass building periods. Pretty awesome set up to follow.

Just one final thing, for specialisation, could following a best damn program schedule/type training be implemented? From personal experience in terms of hypertrophy, the best damn program worked best from a growth & motivation perspective (higher frequency/higher intensity, 1 WS fail & beyond).

If this could be implemented using the 6 days a week best dam protocol (less exercises per session, higher frequency of training days), how could it look like if specialising biceps & triceps?

Thanks again for the help,
Mike P

While I haven’t tried it, it should work. In that case, I would train 6 days a week with 3 workouts per muscle you want to improve.

For example:

Mon/Wed/Fri: Biceps spec: 1 back movement + 3 biceps exercises + 1 hamstring movement
Tue/Thu/Sat: Triceps spec: 1 pressing movement + 1 quad dominant exercise + 3 triceps exercises

That looks perfect. I don’t know if this is normal/common, but I dislike training biceps and triceps together, just never seems to work well for me/doesn’t feel great. Hitting on individual days like above will work perfectly.

  1. One final thing, does it make a difference having an only arm day (either biceps & triceps together or individually) or like having above, shared with another muscle?

    What Im trying to get at is, does training another muscle (example: 3 Triceps exercises + 1 Chest exercise), take away from having optimal recovery resources directed to the triceps and/or biceps for that day during specialisation? Or week to week, does not make a difference?

Thanks again, cant wait to do a couple weeks of this,
Mike P