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Specialization Add on During Fat Loss/Get Lean for Summer?

Hi CT!

I’m currently on week 8 of your get lean for summer program, and I’m loving it.

That being said, my chest has always needed more attention to grow. I was thinking of adding on your chest specialization program on Wed/Sat.

Would this not be recommended during a fat loss phase? Trying to gauge whether it could be effective for bringing up a lagging muscle while in a caloric deficit.

Well, during a fat loss phase, if you add volume/frequency for a muscle you WILL need to reduce volume frequency elsewhere. While I always recommend that anyway, when you are in a caloric surplus you can more easily get away with doing more. Not during a fat loss phase.

Thanks for the insight, and that makes total sense.

I’m a type 1B, so I wasn’t sure if that would allow me to handle the extra volume, particularly if adding the chest movements at the end of each dedicated core day since those are lower stress anyway.

Sounds like th3 better idea is to hold off for now.

That actually raises another question along similar lines…

I’m planning to run your Jacked Athlete 31 system after these last 4 weeks of Get Lean. I noticed it didn’t include any loaded stretching specifically.

Would you recommend adding in a 5th day dedicated to loaded stretching/core similar to Get Lean, or would it be better to add in loaded stretching as a finisher during the whole body sessions? Or something else/neither?

Thanks for all the help!