Special Sets Selection in Best Damn Workout

I’m about to start the Best Damn Workout Plan for Natural Lifters program and I’d like to know how you chose which special set technique to choose for each exercise (i.e. Heavy Double Rest/Pause, mTor Activation or 6-8-10 Drop Set). I’m modifying the workout to use my preferred exercises and I’m not sure which set technique I should use.

It looks like you try and use all 3 types for every muscle group every week but I’m not sure if this is your rationale. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Heavy double rest pause is better suited for multi-joints movements or the exercise where you can go the heaviest for a muscle.

mTOR activation needs an exercise where the target muscle reaches a significant stretch at the end of the range of motion and where the muscle is still loaded in that stretched position.

The drop set are best used with lower stress/demands exercises (isolation, machines, pulleys)


For each muscle you use 3 exercises (one per workout) and each exercise uses a different method.

Thanks Christian, I’m excited to give this workout a solid 3 months to see how well it works.