Special Request From CT

Guys, Christiane is exactly one week out from the Canadian Championships. It’s crunch time now and it’s a really difficult in an athlete’s life. If you could send you your good words by email that would be GREATLY appreciated.

You can reach her at:


You’ve got my deepest thanks.

I’ll bump this periodically so that later visitors can see it too.

A few words will only take you 30-45 seconds to write and will make a world of difference in her preparation.


You got it coach.


Thanks, much appreciated!


Done. Always happy to help another towards their goals!

Great guys, keep it coming. This means the world to me!

Hard not to congratulate her, I haven’t seen quality like hers in a long while. The quality muscle bug bit me back in the 80’s.


I even told her how she has inspired some female friends of mine (no lie, either).

I should have mentioned she has inspired me as well…

sent it.


Just sent now. Good liuck again though!

Just sent my email CT! Best of luck to you and your canadian Queen!

Got mine in.

She is also a huge inspiration to all of us behind the scenes. Also you CT for hanging tough beside her. Being there to support her on the journey has to be a huge help. Doing things like this has to be a HUGE aid. Good work both of you.

All the Hard work and dedication is sure to pay off. Hang tough one last week.

With her combo. physique of power and beauty all wrapped into one TIGHT package the top prize is sure to be had. If not she was robbed IMO.

Good luck,



CT for all the help you give us in our own training quest and especially those of us who are trainers ourself, no doubt about it, mail sent

You’re great guys, thanks! She now has over 40 messages to read :slight_smile:

You got it…Christiane should be pumped, she’s gonna kick some major tail!

In faith,