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Special Ops training

Can you give me a basic workout to do for the next 4 months.

I want to get into Ranger School.

Sure. What is you current fitness level? First and most importantly, get a rucksack, weight it down and start walking. The time to toughen the feet and back is now. Also try and get ahold of a Ranger Handbook and Ranger student evaluation cards. Taken the time to learn them now! Practice writing and giving operations orders until you can do it in your sleep. Get back to me with your fitness level and I will develop a more detailed plan. Best of Luck.

First ask yourself what are the reasons for doing it. second run about 5-8 miles 4-5 days a week. Endurance is the most important thing in ranger school. Also you lose about between 15-35% of your body weight. So in laymans terms ,prepare to wither away.

Ya, I too am training for the Special Olympics…

I understand to run and hike constantly. I put in an a couple hours a day doing everything from long-distance running, sprinting, trail running all outside.

I currently lift weights main short duration with high intensity. I was wanting to gain muscle tissue but the couple rangers I have actually talked to said endurance is the big deal. The problem is I’m not sure about weight training for strength and endurance.

Maybe powerlifting type exercises a couple times a week? What about diet? I have a very difficult time gaining and maintaining weight.
Obviously the Army isn’t very much into nutrition. I’ll take any suggestions.

Infantry -> Ranger -> -> Airborne -> -> -> Special Ops = GREEN BERET

I’m not married, no kids, no gurl, could care less if I get killed helping to defend U.S.

I have a never ending need to see where my limit is…I’ll keep going until I find it.

Good advice and good start so far. I would make sure to do alot of pullups and grip work to help on the Darby Queen. I think maybe the big 3 a couple days a week and some pullups 2-3x aweek might help.
Good Luck,

Seriously, I agree w/ the other posters - get your endurance up and your weight down. If you do resistance work concentrate on grip stength and reps. Maybe you should acclimate to cold conditions and sleep deprivation as well.

Best wishes

Here are some good links so you can get some intel. www.benning.army.mil/RTB/, http://groups.msn.com/ 1stBDEPreRanger, http://www.grunts.net/ army/ranger.html.
If you can run an obstacle course do so. make sure you can do sixteen miles with a heavy ruck and then do it again the next day.
Practice doing 10 two count push-ups and then and one for the Ranger in the Sky in multiple sets, Trunk Twisters, pull-ups.
Best of Luck.