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Special Olympics Polar Bear Plunge


Sup fellas.
I've worked with Special Olympics for about 7 years now in coaching and playing in unified sports.
I've been cohersed into doing the polar bear plunge at the end of February. For those of you in the midwest (INDY here), know that it's pretty damn cold in February.
Most of the athletes run in in sweatpants or jogging suits and what not.
I have a bet with all of the guys in Special Olympics, that if I can raise $500 for it, I will plunge in a SPEEDO!
Yeah, GROSS. But it was a dare, and I'm willing for the guys.
Reason for post....I now am going to have to do the velocity diet for 4 weeks so I'm not a fatty in a speedo.
Right now I am 6', and 225lbs. The scale says I'm 28% body fat. Not sure how acurate that is. I am in shape, but just came off a bulking cycle for football.
My goal is to be 205 by February 25th for the event.
My camera is acting up (piece-o-crap HP), so I will post some before pics within the next day or two from work, and after pics on the day of the event. I will spare you the speedo pics.
Any tips from fellow velocity T-Nationers would be great.
Anyone with an ability to pledge for special olympics indiana, feel free to PM me

Will post pics soon. Thanks for any input and or help.


Hey Pimp,
Yesterday I jumped into the Long Island Sound, bare ass naked. The water temperature was 37 degrees. I did it so my brother could film my audition tape for the television show Survivor. I stayed in for maybe a minute. Anyway, the only suggestion I can give is.. well... I don't know. Not even therapy helps me. It was fuckin crazy and awesome. I'll post pics soon. Good Luck.

OK Suggestion- Dive right in. Don't play Toesys or you might punk out.


I think I'm going to do a polar bear plunge in the beginning of february as a fundraiser for kids with cancer (I think). Long beach, New York.


Right on. Good luck with the Survivor audition. I've tried to get my brother to apply with me for sibling fear factor. He's not into bugs though.
Buck naked is crazy man.You trying to be all Richard Hatch?! And to think I'm worried about coming out of the cold water in a speedo. Guess it could be worse!

We all know what happened to Costanza!


Sounds awesome, let me know and i'll send you a pledge!
My mother works for Riley hospital in Indianapolis specializing in sick children.
I have a feeling that NY will be a little cooler than Indy!


I did this once in a cold mountain stream as part of a "team building" exercise (don't ask). Anyway, they had us warm ourselves up first by jogging around. Then, you just get in. The advice not to play toesies is right - as Yoda said, do or don't do, there is no try. Having other people do it with you will help in the not punking out department. Wear some foot protection. When I came out I noticed I had a huge cut on my foot but the water was so cold that I literally did not feel it.

It's a very invigorating experience. Once I got out of the water, I felt hot - like I was standing next to a heater - for the next two hours or so.


Ha! yeah, the average temp here in february is 33 degrees.


Velocity works...

Dilligence and discipline is key.

They only true drawback I experienced was a little lower energy levels as well as burping up fish oil all day long. If you don't like the lingering vapor of fish in your mouth, be warned.

As for the Polar Bear plunge:

I did one in Northern Illinois, at Chain O' Lakes, in Antioch.

It was accidental, though.

A buddy and I were ice fishing for stripers but also had tip-ups placed in closer to shore for pike, bass, and musky. I got up from my bucket to go check on them and realized I needed to take a piss. Well, I moved in toward shore, un-did all of the arctic garb necessary to gain access to my wang, and subsequently fell through the ice up to my shoulders as my boots sank into the muck. My core stayed relatively warm, I remember, as crunched and crashed toward shore and climbed onto more solid ice, but my wang was exposed the entire time, and the near freezing water poured in through the ol' barn door.

Didn't really get cold, until I was all the way out and began the trek back to my car and the adrenaline wore off. Uncontrolable shivering really hampers one's ability to do anything that requires motor skill, like getting out of freezing wet clothes.

Envigorating? Awesome? Hilarious? Well, hilarious maybe. However I didn't think so as I sat in my car wrapped in a wack ass itchy wool blanket with the heater maxed out, fearing a hypothermic Illini death, and or permanent loss of penile function while waiting for my buddy to gather up the gear and get me home.

Water at that temp stings, like a trillion little tattoo needles puncturing your body.


Oh, and I think what you're doing for the Special Olympics is commendable and awesome.


I jumped into a pretty chilly outdoor pool (water temp was 44) this past week. My college has a polar bear plunge and yes indeed the coeds wore their bikinis.




Alright here are my before velocity diet photos.
Weight 225


By the way, about a year and a half to two years ago I was 160 lbs. I have always had trouble putting on weight.
Here is a pick of me before.
Notice the ribs....YIKES!