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Special Methoxy-7 deal for Forum readers! (Podge's idea)

Podge suggested that a special deal be offered to those who would like to try the Methoxy-7 Challenge but weren’t selected for it (there were almost 300 applicants but only 58 selected.) I took his meaning as being where price was really slashed so as to help people out for their helping us out with more evaluations.

I talked with Tim, and he was excited about it and wanted to make it available as a special offer to everyone on the Forum, but only offered on the Forum – it’s not going to be available any other way.

The special discount is $250 for fourteen bottles of Methoxy-7, with free shipping plus a new “T-Nation” T-shirt, which is supposed to be pretty cool though I haven’t seen it, that isn’t currently otherwise available.

This amount will last 12 weeks at the same dosing being tested in the Methoxy-7 Challenge, which is twice the usual dosing. This is 1.5 of the supplied measuring scoops 3x/day, or alternately 2.5 scoops on arising and 2 scoops at bedtime. (Ideally you’d try both ways and see if each works equally well, or whether the 3x/day seems noticeably better.)

The offer isn’t being made generally available, but is available from calling 800-530-1940, asking for Hailey or Amanda, and asking for the “Methoxy-7 Challenge Package.”

Please do contribute your results and findings if participating. Thanks!

How long will this be available? Need to know for budgeting reasons.

Awesome deal. Biotest is the ultimate at customer service.

WOW! for those of you who haven’t done the math thats 17.86 ( rounded up) per bottle! plus free shipping and a T-mag shirt that no one else has! Crazy !

Spanky, I don’t know how long it will be available – I asked if I should say there was a limited time but there wasn’t a specific plan on a closing date. Best I can say is that I gather that it will stay available to Forum readers for a reasonable time, in other words, not just a few days or one week or something like that, but on the other hand it probaboy won’t be here a couple of months from now or whatever. I wish I could say better but that’s all I know currently.

Prior to it expiring, I will be sure to post so you’ll have some advance notice.

The Biotest rep just told me that the offer will probably only be available for a couple of weeks!

Bill, I know you said that you don’t know when this offer will be over, but if it is over soon what are the chances that I (or anyone) could get a raincheck on it? I’m a college student and don’t want to spend $250 right now. However, I will be working over my winter break and will be able to afford it in the middle of January. Thanks.

Hey Bill,
Does the free shipping include Canada???

I just oredered mine! This is the best deal in the world. I can’t wait to get mine in the mail.

Great !! thanks a hell of a lot Bill and Tim!!.. i’ll be calling my order in tomorrow.

I’m in. This is great news. The t-shirt is the icing on the cake.

D Rock, my guess is (I’d think virtually certain) that rainchecks wouldn’t be possible. In fact, at first though Tim wanted to do it, he felt that having 100 things going on already, adding yet another thing going on is just too hectic… but then he got really amped about it when considering the aspect of trying to be responsive to the requests of readers, and decided to do it, but I’d think adding in a rain check program would just be too much. I will ask in the next conversation but I’d think it very unlikely really, as it is definitely a special offer already.

Psycho, I checked and the offer is available for Canada but would cost $25 extra for shipping, and would be on the usual terms and conditions for shipping to Canada, which means, Biotest can’t guarantee that it will arrive… it is, unfortunately, at your own risk regarding whether Canadian Customs seizes the package.

I don’t think customs would seize it because Methoxy seems to be legal here in Canada.

Ok, I am going to sound like a novice but what exactly are the benefits of Methoxy? I have used Mag-10 twice and have had impressive results. I plan to further take Mag-10 after a 4-6 week rest. I am a college student and my goal is to gain strength and muscle. My current stats are - 175 lbs, 16% BF, 5’11 inches tall.

Well, I for one would like this option to be open “after” the trial recipients have given their input about how effective it was for them. Doesn’t this make more sense? Isn’t that partly what this trial was prepared for, to see how much more effective larger doses of Methoxy are over the regular dose? In any case, I do appreciate the opportunity Bill - as always.

Bill and Tim, I just want to let you guys know I think this offer is by far one of the best things I’ve ever seen a magazine, or some other interest group do for their members.

Now I just sit and pray that it’s available after christmas, since now I’ll tell everyone I just want some money for christmas.

Bill’s the man. And Tim too of course. They always listen to the forum. Amazing really. I guess the Biotest Umpa Lumpas will be cranking out Methoxy-7 like a freakin’ demon because of this increased demand.

This makes me sad, because I just paid 200$ for 5 bottles and 2 bottles of t2 pro. Boy am I a sucker!! Oh well, i am still going to do it, like previously said I hope it is available after christmas.(please please plaese be available after christmas)
:slight_smile: groove

Thanks for the great offer… unfortunately, I just lost my job and can’t afford it. I did buy my own batch of methoxy over a month ago, and have been using the double dose for about that long, and I’ve been very, very impressed. I strongly urge all the forum members to give this a shot, especially since I was a nonresponder to methoxy7 at the regular dosage. I’ll be posting about my version of the challenge in another month or so, when I finish my last bottle. The verdict so far is: awesome!

Grooveless_toque, well, I know it’s disappointing to buy something at one price, and that day and for a time feel happy about it, and then find it could now be bought for much less… but one aspect there is that one still got what one expected at the price expected, and if a yet-better opportunity comes up also, then that is not a bad thing.

On whether the offer could be continued for long, the thing is that at a planned price like that, I’m pretty sure Methoxy-7 wouldn’t ever have been launched at all, or if it were, it would have soon been discontinued due to losing money, as happened with for example Nandrosol and Ribose-C, two excellent products that everyone at Biotest really believed in, but were just too expensive to make vs. the price people were willing to pay. I know Tim is working on figuring how to make Methoxy-7 more affordable, but it doesn’t seem possible that the regular price could get down to the same as this special offer.

Bill, I know this is kind of a selfish question, being as I was selected, but I have seen such good results with normal dosing, and I’m sure the double dosing would be more effective, so I was wondering, can we still get this special deal even if we were selected for the challenge? So we can save the methoxy for later use? Thanks.