Special Guest Forum Coming!

The Guest Forum is about to get really busy. Charles Staley has been scheduled to take over on Friday, May 2nd. But, this just in, Don Alessi is going to do a special stint on the Guest Forum to introduce his new version of Meltdown Training!

This special edition of the G-forum will run from this Friday (the 25th) to Wednesday the 30th. T-mag will publish the new Meltdown III article this Friday as well.


SPBM, why do you feel the need to call T-Mag Administrator names? He was just trying to pass along information that he thought would be appreciated, poopy pants.

Ooh, this is getting ugly.

But I like it.

Cool. (That’s “dope” for those of us over 30.) The Guest Forum is a great addition to the forum.

Zev; Any name is better than “T-mag Admin”

Awesome! Staley is the man and EDT is outstanding. Herc

Great (that’s dope and cool for those of us over 40).

Super sweet and totally awesome. (That is cool, great, and dope for user uber-geeks).

ah man… meltdown made me vomit…


Hey JWright, you wanna see something swell? Heh heh heh…

Wooohoo! Don alessi, I was hoping he was next in line!

Zev, as long as you’re talking about your muscle, not your pinga, we’re ok


This is going to rule.

Two VERY welcome guest forumers…

Or, um. something like that.

Anyway, totally groovy. (That was for Avoids Roids… :wink: )

I LOVE the Guest Forum!!! Great addition. I am def looking forward to this one coming up. Think maybe Berardi might do one in the future???

Thanks Char for the translation. I was wondering what all the dope, great and cool stuff was about. All these newfangled words are tough to keep up with.


That’s one for us children of the late 80’s.