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Special Forces, Up Close and Personal




I haven't played Counter Strike in a long time....looks more real now.


If you haven't seen the movie RESTREPO, you should go see it. IMO, the best military documentary.


just watched that movie on netflix last week. it was a really good watch.


The director got killed in Libya a week ago..


Is that US SF or a PMC SF ?

The Kalashnikovs and gear they are using makes me wonder this.


The guy with the helmet cam is SF (sounds American), the other guys are Iraqi soldiers.


the guy with the helmet cam seems to be US but the other guys are Local Military/Police. helmet cam guys gun is an M4 or maybe a FN SCAR (hard to tell)


Was he one of the journalists that were killed? Chris Hondros and Tim Hetherington?


The latter, Hetherington.


What no way, read his obituary. Much respect to him and condolences to his family. I believe he was Canadian


M4 not SCAR. Love watching some of these vids.


Was that a flashbang that went off halfway through or the muzzle flash of the other guys rifle?


It looks like it might be the other guys rifle misfiring or a round hiiting his rifle.

Impressive vid. Pure professionalism on the part of the US guy.


Was he blind firing into the room? I can't really tell.


Doesn't seem like it - just a weird camera angle.