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I’m gonna get HUGE & CUT 'cause I read a “SPECIAL 6 PAGE AD REPORT.” I learned how to slump over, arch my shoulders forward, stay out of the sun for a month and puff my gut out to create the perfect ‘before’ picture. I just know some hot little stripper fitness bunny will want to pose with me in a few weeks for my ‘after’ pic, cause I read a “SPECIAL 6 PAGE AD REPORT” and forked over my hard-earned cash for some big jugs of…hmmm…whatever. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be featured in a “SPECIAL 6 PAGE AD REPORT” of my very own!!! Life is good…

Pretty funny post bro! These lame ads are in my face all the time, and there is nothing spectacular about the products they are selling in them. Just recently, a company that made pills to enhance the size of the male penis got busted. Too many customers voiced out that this product was not working on them. Also, makers of electronic devices that you put on your stomach to give you a six pack also are in deep shit. I’m hoping that the company that puts out these 6 page ads are next on the Fed’s list. They take advantage of people’s hopes and dreams just to make a buck. How sad.

must be a newbie. most lifters got over this a long time ago.

“Why does everything have to be a serious discussion?..goddamn people have some fun” Amazing how when its a subject that doesnt interest like Rocky: The Movie, Wrestling and feelings of self doubt towards women you cant just take things in stride. Of course he’s a newbie “no shit sherlock”. Try having fun in the OFF TOPIC forum. Maybe recounting your past newbie mistakes would have been a better contribution. Lighten up.

you got me there. hahahahaha. it just blows my mind how this bothers people. advertisers do it with EVERYTHING. we should all be used to it by now.

Yikes, slamming a T-dude for havin’ a little sarcastic fun at the expense of the MuscleMagMonsterMediaMachine!!! Lighten up, folks, this forum shouldn’t be as politically correct as a PETA post. Sheesh. Gimme a fuckin beer

my only point was was that this has been going on so long that we shouldnt even pay attention to it. its not like its a new thing.

ROFL…yep, I’ve been a ‘newbie’ at lifting for 17 years. Just havin’ some fun, guys…now where did I put my Weider Weight Gainer?

well then this shit shouldnt piss you off anymore.

Actually, I would think it would piss of older lifters more than anyone else. I can see a newbie saying “damnit, I got had, but I’ll know better from now on.” But for older lifters, they’ve seen this shit happening for years, and it keeps happening. More and more people keep getting suckered, and it gives your favorite sport a horrible image.

It would piss me off because you know what it really takes to get those kind of results. When a company could take the high road and be honest, they can’t. Instead they screw people. And it reflects badly on everyone. Screw them.

my point is that we should all be smart enough not to be suckered by ANY advertising. be it supplements, soft drinks, shoes, etc.

T-dudes, these things don’t piss me off so much as make me laugh. So damn transparent, W.C. Fields would tip his hat to these guys. I guess the demographic these guys pander to is frustrated 15 year olds. Seems like the only mag these printed infomercials DON’T appear in is the print version of T-Mag. Thas’all, folks…

Dont be soo harsh on supplement users. I’m sure at least 60% of people who visit this site are using at least 1 supplement that doest do shit!