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Spears Went Bald


I know she's been talked about a ton on this site already. I think that was Mufasa's thread and it was a great one.

But I just heard this morning that Britney just shaved her head completely bald...This was after she went to rehab...FOR ONE DAY! She was seen with her new look at a tat shop and I'm wondering if she didn't get a face tattoo or something.

What could she be possibly thinking?


"Quick! I need to lose weight."


I didn't see the article, I thought the OP meant bald "down there".


She wanted the curtains to match the drapes.


She and Mike Tyson are now officially neck-and-neck in my celebrity death pool.


I have lost all faith in humanity....


Unless someone is strong enough to "intervene"...

I seriously think that Brit is "losing" it...

It's a common scenario in the business she is in; too much, too early and too young, with no one truly to guide her.

I hope I'm wrong...



I certainly hope that fucked up celebrities aren't your idea of "humanity".

This whole thing is ridiculous. Spears, Smith, celebs in general. What's REALLY fucked up is that it's damn near impossible to get away from.


Found a link. I think it is offical, she has lost it.

If you click on the www.britneyspears.org link in the articleit wil take you to photos and a movie of her shaving her head.

You can take the girl out of the trailer park, but you can't take the trailer park out of the girl.


Oh, boy...

Is there some "eerie" attempt to look like Sinead O'Connor????

(I'm sure there is a LOT more to come...)



Something to discuss that was discussed on "VH-1" once...

Brittney (like Madonna) is an ENTERTAINER, who can compensate for a voice that is not so strong. (The counter they gave was Christina Aguilera, who while an entertainer, is a SINGER who has the PIPES and BIG VOICE and RANGE to back up a "so-so" stage show).

"ENTERTAINERS" depend more on things like stage presence, big productions and "shock" value to stay on Top because of their so-so voices. (Madonna being the prime example)...

If Brittney needs advice from ANYONE it would be Madonna, who has managed to survive in a tough business longer than ANYONE predicted...

...or to me, she is on a down-hill spiral that will be difficult to recover from...




To be fair, it can look good on some people. Natalie Portman anyone?


Demi looked good bald.

Brit, no good. If she had lice and that's why she shaved it, then why not go out in a wig? You have to have the right face to pull off such a bold look and she simply doesn't have it.

She looks really, really bad. So sad to have all that $$$ and no common sense.

This recent stunt actually makes K-Fed look like a stable parent!


Their kid is going to be all kinds of fucked up. This is sure to provide entertainment and laughs for at least the next 18 years.



Regrettably, its "kidS" (plural)...



I think that the shaved head is the best thing that's she's done in a while. Now if the rest of her weren't so saggy and sorry.


Oh no, not again...


Some girls can pull off the Mr.Clean look, she is not one of them.

natalie portman on the other hand...


Natalie has that "Could-be-in-a-muddy-foxhole-in-
and-wake-up-the-next-morning-beautiful" natural Beauty about her...

She can pull off ANY look...



I was just thinking this she looked amazing.