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Speaking of Smith Machine.....


Found this in my gym today, and I was just wondering how one performs lunges and curls on a Smith Machine.....


They probably meant split squat.




I was thinking split squats too.

I could see doing curls in the squat rack. You could do a "Drag Curl" int he smith machine. I've done them before in the cable station and they give me a serious pump.


My biggest problem with the Smith machine is that most people seem to use it out of the misconception that it's safer than freeweights.


if you put the safety stops in place (using it properly) than it most certainly is safer than free weights dont ya think?


I was amused at the "trekking around in search of other equipment" part, personally. Shoulda asked the 130 lb kid trying to shrug 3 pps on the smith to show me what smith machine curls look like.