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Speaking of recovery

Has anybody ever heard of Morinda Citrifolia and the alkaloid Xeronin? My mother brought this supplement to my attention and I ended up doing a little research over the web. Supposedly this plant contains Proxeronine which is a precursor to Xeronine. Xeronine has numerous purported benefits including regulating the rigidity and shape of proteins as well as aiding in the repair of damaged cells. It is said to enhance the Immune, Nervous, Skeletal, Urinary, Endocrine, and Digestive systems. I found this information quite interesting and was wondering if this plant had any possible application to strength trainers & bodybuilders.

I am familiar with it, we sold it at the GNC I used to manage. It is more commonly known as Noni, and there’s quite a buzz over it right now. I don’t know about recovery (wouldn’t hurt) but it is supposed to be wonderful for overall health/well being/cleansing. I think there are more proven supplements for recovery such as glutamine, antioxidants, EFA’a. It wouldn’t hurt though, look up Noni on a search and you’ll find plenty of info.