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Speaking of Ninjas.....



It's just me, sweatin' under a hepa mask and hood trying to eradicate Hunta Virus one mouse turd at a time.

Notice the Gerber "Recon" LED flashlight on my dome, it's the latest in Ninja technology.

Ok, back to work



Get some!!


How very fascinating.... thanks.


Skillz, foe sho!


Looks like your kind of makeing some meth or something. Maybe even tweekn a little.


Ninja Tweeker?


The office Ninja needs no tweek!

He is, an enigma wrapped in
an anomaly stuffed in another enigma, with a coke...and some fries..and stuff.




Thats usually what a tweeker is wrapped up and stuffed in. Just with out the fries. Because Tweekers dont eat.
(just jokeing man. unless its true?)

That is some funny shit though.


Drugs? Naw..
Talk to the Pirate..



you are all my bitches!



LOL WTF is sticking out of the side of your face under that wrapping? I am deeply troubled...


Uhh..ummm, Do not my question the Ninja stuff and stuff MAN!

My minions will deal with you!!


cute lurve doll u have there :wink:


Oh, shoot. I forgot Halloween is coming up!


Pardon my insolence, sensei!