Speaking of Hungry..

Do you all have to remind yourselves to eat? Or are you all hungry all the time…

Some days I’m starving and I’ll eat every couple of hours but then there are definitely days when I just don’t wanna play or I’m really busy and eating or more to the point, fuelling up every couple of hours just isn’t on my mind…

Should I really concentrate on making an effort on those ick days to eat or should I just go with it and pick up calories the next day?

Some days I even wake up at 3 in the morning, and I mean… wide awake… looking for something to eat!!

My metabolism seems to definitely have a mind of it’s own!! Anybody empathise or have any suggestions on how to eat when you’re not hungry?

Thanks guys… :slight_smile:

I feel for ya chess!!!

What caught me was when you said something about waking up, wide awake, starving. I do that too!

Even after eating a nice P+F meal before bed.

I think it may have something to do with not getting enough calories during the day.

And during the day, I pretty much eat for performance, never really hungry. But as night time nears…and middle of the night, oh man, watch out. Drives me insane.

Anyways back to your post, I think you should try to eat according to your plan everyday. Whether you’re gaining or cutting or whatever it may be.

Definately don’t skip meals. As was said in T-Mag…

“The real battle is done with the knife and fork.”

When I was getting ready for contests, I set my watch to go off every two and a half hours, at which point I ate whether I felt like it or not. It’s really all about discipline–just like there are days when you might not necessarily be up for training but you hit the gym anyway.

It depends on how busy I am. If I’m very busy, I could easily get by on a chicken breast with some fish oil caps every couple of hours.

Most of the time, I’m only that busy after work.

I think this is part of the reason people tend to binge at night. They sit around, and get really hungry. When you’re hungry you’re more likely to eat something that doesn’t comply with your diet.

Thanks boys… for your input… it is hard to eat when your appetite is not gunning for it… but I’ll try!

I train, some way or another everyday and I know that it is essential to get the right nutrients…

Maybe I’ll try the alarm thing… that sounded like a great idea!!

Thanks again,