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Speaking of Grip Strength

I just closed my Captains of Crush #2 gripper for the first time and I was wondering a few things about my quest for the #3. First off, is the Heavy Grips, Hg 250 kinda in the middle of a Coc 2 and 3? If not, is there a gripper from another company that is? Also, what kinda routines do people do to develop that crazy grip strength? You dont have to post a whole routine, just point me in the direction of some resources i could check out. That is all of course if you dont mind. Thanks for any and all help.

check out: http://www.ivanko.com/products/html_stuff/gripper_info.html

I own one and like it. However i’ve never tryied the CC so I can’t compare. The downside is the size of the unit. On a plus: small jumps and cheap ($25 ish)

thanks, think i found my next toy

Ironmind has a new product called a “Hand Gripper Helper” that lets you add an incremental weight to your COC! They come in packages of two, and each one adds 10kg (22 lbs.) of extra resistence. You can add either one or two to your gripper, and the pair costs less than 1 gripper.