Speaking of Glutamine

I can get 1,130 grams of L-glutamine in powder form for $50 since I work at GNC. Is this a good price? I was thinking about using 5 grams first thing in the morning, pre-workout with my 2 scoops of surge, post-workout with my 2 scoops of surge, and just before bed. This puts me at 20 grams a day and would last me two months assuming I worked out everyday (so really lasts me 3-4 months). I was thinking of doing this after I come off my next cycle, which is MAG-10. Does this sound like a good idea? And is this a good dosage of l-glutamine? My main focus would be for recovery but would be nice if it could also prevent muscle tissue breakdown.

Yeah it is a great idea to increase your intake of glutamine to 20 grams a day. I would however, not include the glutamine with the pre or post workout surge servings. From what I understand this would interfere with the other ingredients in surge. It is probably best to space the other servings out during other parts of the day. Good luck in your training.

Great start, although I would use the free form Glutamine a few hours before and after the Surge and not conflict with its usage. You can also go significantly highter in Glutamine but do so very gradually. In faith Coach Davies

yah, i realized after i posted that i shouldn’t include my extra glutamine with my servings of surge for pre and post-workout. Probably start off at just 5 grams when I wake up to go pee in the wee hour of the morning, 5 grams first thing in the morning before breakfast, and 5 grams before bedtime. This puts me at 15 grams plus I get an additional 6 from the surge so I think I’ll have room to move up if I wish to do. Any other comments or suggestions are welcome.

Don’t most high quality protein powders already contain some glutamine. Do you really think you need that much more? If anyone has research showing that supra-physiologic doses of glutamine are beneficial for body composition, please post it. Untill, then I will consider it over-hyped.

That’s a good price BTW.

How much L-glutamine should an individual take in a day?
Is there a time of day that is prime to take it in? Or better over a period of time?

You’re absolutely right. Protein powders do contain glutamine although I’m pretty sure it isn’t too much. I also know that Berardi isn’t too “big” on glutamine and others are skeptical about its effectiveness. However, the main reason why I would to try it is to see if it helps my recovery while I’m not juicing.