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Speak of the Devil

I think it’s rather fitting Chavez called Bush the Devil - it seems the GOP, or should I say, the self-proclaimed “party of God” - is mostly too oblivious to realize their very own official logo has three inverted pentagrams on it.

Assuming (knowing) the stars represent the stars on the American flag in this context, the fact that they are DELIBERATELY inverted certainly has a significant meaning. ie; Satanic and/or anti-American.

Being a metalhead of the 80’s, I’m all too aware of the Christian aversion to the inverted pentagram, considering ANY album cover that displayed it became instant fodder for the Christian crusade.

The simple fact that the Christian Right can have a logo with the Satanic symbol on it (3x no less), is the epitome of why so many are willing to believe “black is white” and “up is down”.

I’m pretty sure the stars were not always upside down but it would be interesting to know when the “official change” happened.

-Adolf Hitler (Mein Kampf)

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