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SPCA CEO's Dog Dies in Hot Car


You've Got To Be Kidding Me?




That sucks.


That is really sad--we had a case here a few years ago where a guy forgot his baby in the car seat, went into work. He never took the baby to daycare, but needed to that day for some reason. Baby fell asleep, he got caught up in some work problem on the phone, drove to work instead of daycare. The baby died.


That sucks. Don't get me wrong here, but it's kinda funny that it was an executive for an anti-animal cruelty group. Of course being 16 years old, deaf and blind it was probably going soon anyways.


I swear that was on CSI the other day...


Yep, I saw the beginning of that eppisode, messed up.


I can't imagine the feeling he must've felt when he realized he left the child in the car and having to make that phone call to your wife.... The guilt must be unbearable.

I can't think of too many worse mistakes you can make, than this.


Maybe I have it mixed up with the CSI episode--but I do know that similar things have happened IRL.

Ah, here is one such link, not the incident I was thinking of....the one I was thinking of here actually was a mother who left the kids in the car and went inside to visit friend (read--drink) and the kids died....


This one happened at about the same time and I got the two mixed up in my head. The shows on TV often take real headlines as you know--isn't it Law and Order that uses "ripped from the headlines" as their premise?


Apparently it happens more than I realized--15-25 times a year.


I'm married for a good number of years to the SAME lady, imagine that. I've done crap that could have been relationship ending and the marriage survived it. A pet is one thing, but a kid is beyond imagination. I'd probably kill myself if I was responsible for ending the life of one of my kids.



Actually, it turns out the parents planned to kill the baby in that episode b/c he "might" have had some sort of genetic defect only Jews have. They decided to make it look like an accident, by leaving him in the car. In the end, turns out the baby did NOT have that genetic defect.