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Spawn PCT


Ok, my stats: 32 years old, been training consistently for three years. Started out at 145 lbs. Did a stupid dbol-only cycle about two years ago, gained 10 lbs and promptly lost all of it as soon as I went off. Continued training and got up to 165 lbs, pretty lean.

My nutrition is dialed. I don't work so all I do is train and micromanage every aspect of my diet and sleep, etc.

So, long story short, my friend gave me a couple of bottles of this Spawn stuff, which from what I understand is quite similar to Havoc. I've been taking it for two months and eating massive, and have gained an astonishing THIRTY pounds without much of an increase in bodyfat. So I am up to 195... but I'm coming off it after next week and looking for some advice on my PCT.

I have HCG, nolva and clen lined up... do you think this is suitable for a mere PH cycle, or should I just roll with the nolva? How much should I expect to lose here? Should I continue to eat massively as I've been doing, or lower calories to maintenance levels?

Second question, somewhat unrelated, I might want to do up a "real" cycle sometime next year, what is a good first cycle? Was thinking a simple dbol and test deal.

thx in advance.


Two months seems like a pretty fucking long cycle for most ph's, but I've never used Spawn so I'm not sure.

Why clen in PCT? You might not need the HCG (depending on how the Spawn has affected you). You might want to save it for your real cycle.


Yeah seems like most of the gains came in the first month but I must say I wasn't expecting to gain as much as I have, most reports I've read have guys gaining like 15 lbs.

In any case, I was thinking the nolva should be sufficient for a "PH only" cycle. But seeing how powerful it actually was, I started having second thoughts.

Make no mistake, this shit is DRUGS.


Most people probably gain less because they take it for less time.

I hope you took liver protection? Had any blood work done?

Drugs is what I was thinking when I was talking m-drol.


Yeah, I took a liver complex and am still taking it. Also cut out booze completely. Didn't do bloodwork beforehand, but I just got insurance so I will probably get that done shortly, although without a "before" reference not sure if it will be as valuable.

But yeah, the stuff is a lot more powerful than I expected it to be, not as strong in effect as the dbol was, but still. Anyone considering PH as an alternative to quote-unquote real drugs should be aware of this. They're in a legal grey area and marketed as "supplements" in many cases but they're no joke. Might as well take real AAS if you can get it.


Oh, and about the clen, I've heard that it can be useful in the PCT to avoid fat increase while you continue to eat massive, and that it has anti-catabolic effects.


While probably someone with more experience than me on clen should comment, I wouldn't use clen for a ph pct. I don't really see much need, and clen isn't the safest drug ever.


Yeah, that's what I've heard too. Don't like stimulants too much either.

Ok thanks dude. Gonna keep it simple. Straight nolvadex.


In my experience clen is not very "anti-catabolic"

Those studies were done on animals, which have a some what different receptor set up than we do.

adding clen will likely cause you to lose gains more so than just lifting hard and eating clean.

its best saved for a cutting cycle where its stacking with AAS or PH's will prevent muscle loss.


Save the Clen.