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What causes spasms, what are they? i’ve been getting them in my shoulder and quad for the past week now, it’s really getting annoying. Help?


Bob, I get twitches sometimes (geez I’m old) that I think are intracostal fasciculation. Or, a twitch in my rib muscles. I think because I have done heavy lat pullovers on a flat bench and its a new movement for me. But I dislike the constant twitching so I’m back to chin-ups and rows. Are you doing new movements? Or maybe its a mineral deficiency?

not the slightest. piss clear. drink close to 2 gallons a day.

Spasms can be caused by a number of things.

Dehydration can be one factor. another can be an imbalance of electrolytes in your muscles. Meaning you have low levels of sodium, potassium, calcium compared to water ot vise versa in our muscles. you body uses those element to transmit the impulse of the nerve to the muscle fibres, so if something is out of wack there twitches and spasms can occur. Injuries can also cause spasms. Your muscles will spasm to protect the area of your body that is hurt from further injury.

those are what i can think of off the top of my head right now. If i can find anymore possible causes I’ll post them or maybe someone else can contribute their knowledge

Yeah thats funny though because i have been well hydrated and eating carbs with potassium and electrolytes. I think it’s something else, i dunno.

Lack of sodium compared to water?

Whoa… in today’s hardcore health society, I thought I would never see that in a sentence! This is interesting, as I started sprinting (got sick of weights for legs: feels artificual), and my hamstrings spasms like crazy right now.

too much caffeine? i’ve been taking a lot of caffeine lately and my eyelid keeps spasming. fucking annoying. yeah, i know it’s not the exactly the same thing but just an idea.