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Spasm in Tricep

For about 2-4 weeks now I’ve been getting spasms in my left tricep…I haven’t done anything unusual and I don’t feel any pain…it just spasms…it’s mostly the outer head that’s spasming…any ideas/suggestions ? Nothing similar is taking place in my right tricep.

I know, I know I should/could see a doctor rather than asking an internet forum…but it doesn’t really seem worthy of taking time off work to tell the doctor my story and have him tell me “take it easy on it for a while”…


Take it easy on it for a while!

I’ve gotten them from time to time and they just seem to go away. Check your supplementation - are you deficient in something? Are you having pains or tightness elsewhere, for example in your upper back, traps, neck? If yes, you might have a nerve impingement and could use some extra stretching, foam rolling, added recovery (ice, heat), etc. Could be the Aspire has led to an overuse of your triceps (too much missionary?).

I wouldn’t go see a dr over spasms. In my experience, they will just tell you not to lift weights and that you’re better off doing cardio or only light dumbbell work below the neck.


[quote]dollarbill44 wrote:
(too much missionary?).


Some might argue any missionary is too much missionary…having spent time in deepest, darkest (wait for it) Africa, I beg to differ…

I’ve had this happen when I was taking too much creatine. I may have been dehyrdrated. Seemed like a radical nerve twitch that would come and go. It eventually went away. I don’t do creatine anymore. I get muscle cramps no matter how much water I drink when I take creatine. Just a suggestion.

Drink mineral water. Could be an electrolyte imbalance.


i had a recurring spasm in my right brachialis that came and went everyday for a few months. this coincided with doing lots of planche and handstand work so i put it down to overuse. i stopped working the planches but the spasms kept on for like 3 months.

then diminished in frequency, then finally went away. none of the stuff people said like take magnesium or gatorade or whatever did anything for it.