Spasm During Injection

Had a weird injection tonight. Pinned in the regular mid outter quad when all of a sudden muscle felt like it just spasemed and twitched. Injected half the shot pulled out and finished in an area close by. No pain. Did I hit a nerve or what was this? Never experienced this in over a year of quad injections.
Also does it matter if the shot was spread out over 2 spots? Still the sane total liquid going in.

Not sure about the spasm. If it was only during the injection and had not returned I wouldn’t worry about it.

As far as the injection being spread out. It doesn’t matter at all.

Yeah almost felt like a spasm knot Charlie horse that quickly went away. Even touched it and it was like a lump. But quickly subsided. Very weird to explain.
Wasn’t even a huge injecting. Only 0.32 ml

I’ve had something like that with acupuncture. Probably something to do with a nerve. But I don’t know for sure.

You hit a nerve. Common on the quads.

Nothing to worry about.

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Yep. I used to do it all the time with 1” needles when injected IM.

I thought hitting a nerve would cause massive shooting pain?

No. Just some twitching and odd sensation. Mild mild pain.

I’ve had that often, you just hit a nerve. I inject in buttock mainly and it hurts less.

Ok that makes sense. Pain wise I don’t feel anything in the quad. Most times can’t even feel the needle going in.