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Spasiba, Fedor!


He went into the world
the regular man
with a regular mind
and regular plans

with his hands and his craft
and the beat of his heart
to survive and provide
for the good things in life

and giants he met and giants he felled
as he walked silent through fire and hell
and by some luck, some skill and great heart
the man himself remained largely unharmed

but the giants grew, in size and in skill
the man went forth and fought them still
and the thunder was heard around the world
as he staggered,stumbled, no longer unhurt

and the man grew older, in body and mind
the openings closed, and he could not find
the weakness of giants, grown strong by his fight
and dark grew the prospects
of victorious nights

they gathered together
and studied the man
so small amongst giants
walking their lands

and they found that his will
and the fight in his heart
could not be undone
still, could his strength part?

and the man met the giants
the fire was gone
from his eyes to his pyre
the coming storm

and a giant rose up
before the small man
and great was his strength
and great were his hands
and it happened so

the small man fell down
and as he rose up
the quaking ground

when all was silent
and the world grew still
the small man was called home
not of own will

but as he saw
through one bloodshot eye
his home, his loved ones
he said goodbye
to the land of giants
and the roar of the crowd
Thank you, Fedor
The Forever Crowned



The Last Emperor, indeed.


Truly moving.


Beautiful, awesome work my friend.

I've been posting this all over my Facebook to console my weeping friends:

All giants shall eventually fall to those strong enough to climb them and stand on their shoulders.
All great men stand on the shoulders of the giants before them.

Imma post a link to this page just for that.

Thank you.


awesome, fedor is such an inspiring character!


the legend