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Spartans Training Log


Hey, I'm new to T-Nation and I'm going to attempt to keep track of my results here. I train with Nate112 and he brought me on here.


Weight : 225
BF : 11-12%
Height - 5 '12 5'11
Years training : 2

I started out at 220 of pure fat then cut down to 170, started training with Nate and got up to a good 225 once he showed me how to train like a man.

Lifts :

Bench : 315 x2
Squat : 455 x 3
Dead lift : 555 x 1

unlike nate i'm not cutting every two fucking months and am just trying to get as big as possible.

I'm doing a comp in may.



Yeaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, and it's your turn to finish updating this haha. Get it done bi.