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Spartan's Funds, Gladiator Diet


Don't tell me you can't afford organic. I'm working 14 hrs/week $10/hr and manage just fine.

I'm currently doing the Anabolic Diet/NHE diet. Started a week ago. Feel great.

Buying 50lbs of ground from http://www.grasslandbeef.com

Comes out to $3.89/lb for some serious muscle food.

My diet will thus be:
-Grass-fed beef
-Organic Olive oil
-Organic Apple Vinegar
-Organic Blueberries/Cranberries
-Organic Avocados
-Organic Broccoli
-Organic Cauliflower
-Organic Oatmeal, Bran
-Organic Lentils
-Organic Tomatoes
-Organic Kiwi

-Flameout (when in stock)

If I had more money, I would not hesitate to buy:
-Organic Raw Mixed nuts
-Organic Raw Milk Cheese
-Organic Papaya


When you're paying a mortgage and taking care of a family, then we'll talk.


I don't have a family to support or mortgage, but I'll talk anyways.

I pay rent, gas, electricity, internet, food with that money, so just goes to show that organic ain't all that expensive. Plus, it's ethical and healthy.


Good deal.... Lentils are not a shabby thing are they when it comes to the amount of protein they contain in just a cup.


Good looking diet you've got there.
I see people who say they can't afford organic,then go out and buy the newest plasma HD TV.
Don't forget organic green vegetables.
You'll feel a lot better by working out and eating organic foods.I know a lot of great,hard working organic farmers who really take pride in their food they grow and make.You'll notice you're doing something right when you're not getting sick all the time.
Keep close to nature.
Good luck man,Cthulhu.
Raw milk is great.


Where in Christ's name in Florida to you live that you can do all that on <$600 a month? Adjusted to a 40 hour week, that's not even minimum wage.


Something doesn't add up. Do you share rent with someone? You can't live alone on that money unless you live in a real shithole.